Garage door security

Garages have always been a target for thieves, and recently they have been using different techniques to force their way in. We have been finding T-handles snapped clean off and the standard pad bolts commonly used are also being snapped or cropped. To combat this we fit the most comprehensive security locks in our industry. Here are a few examples of security products we have been fitting to make garages more secure.

The high security pad bolts are proving very effective, they are far more secure and substantial than the standard version and because of this they cannot be cropped easily or the lugs snapped.

The PJB Garage Defenders are also popular choice, providing security by way of blocking the garage door from being pulled up, they are also a visual deterrent. They need a good solid concrete base to fix to as a plate is fixed permanently to the concrete floor under the door and when the door is closed the defender is fixed in place using a hockey puck style padlock.

We also fit the Asec garage door lock kits which consist of two keyed alike locking bolts that are bolted on to the inside of the garage door and operated from the outside with a key which racks a long bolt in to the garage frame making everything secure. This is a subtle solution which locks both sides of the garage door.

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